Meet toni & Allie 

Creators of C&C LUXURY 

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Toni Sevdalis is the younger sister of Allie Sevdalis. Toni has a full plate with balancing a busy business and a full University course load, however she says she enjoys being busy.

Toni is also a YouTuber, and has begun to garner subscribers who enjoy her calm nature & great fashion sense. Toni is a girl who loves luxury products, and as such, was inspired to create a line with her sister.

Allie & Toni are only 2 years apart and did everything together growing up. From matching outfits and haircuts, it wouldn't seem right not to do this together... matching outfits optional. 

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Allie Sevdalis started her YouTube channel at the age of 13. Little did she know, a little side hobby would turn into not only her passion, but her job. Allie likes to call her channel a "virtual best friend" for her over 100k subscribers & followers. Nothing is off limits to her, and she has become known as an unfiltered YouTuber. 

By opening up about her struggles with weight loss, anxiety, changes to her body, as well as the fun stuff such as makeup, fashion & daily vlogs with her friends and family, Allie's channel has turned into a literal "virtual best friend" that thousands have come to know & love. In January of 2016, Allie & her sister Toni launched Coffee & Couture with the goal of making beautiful pieces affordable and accessible to everyone, without compromising quality.