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We are so excited to release this necklace! This is a shiny version of our best selling Golden Moon Tattoo line. Not only do they go great together, they also look amazing separately. This is a MUST HAVE for summer time! 

The standard necklace is made to fit a 13" neck perfectly and also comes with an extender which allows you to switch up the length. If you require a larger or smaller size, please select YES to custom sizing & leave your neck size in inches when prompted in the pop up box. 

(Please keep in mind that the extender adds approximately 2 inches to the total length of the necklace. Therefore, if your neck is smaller or larger than 13 inches, it may prevent you from wearing the necklace how you intend. We reccommend opting for custom sizing if you have a larger or smaller neck so the necklace can fit you perfectly.)


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