This new choker is a must have for everyone. As soon as we made the first choker, we knew this would be our new everyday piece, and we weren't wrong. This choker is so dainty, yet so reflective. It's such a bright finish of silver that it was practically impossible to take a photo of it. The choker lays on your neck perfectly as if it was tattooed on. The choker effortlessly catches the light and is the perfect addition to any outfit. 

Compared to our Golden Moon Tattoo Choker, this silver version is slightly larger. 

The standard size choker is made for a 13 inch neck and comes with an extender for you to adjust to your perfect length. The extender adds approximately 2 inches. If you require a larger or smaller size, select YES to custom sizing & specify the size of the base of your neck in inches. 

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